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Looking for a way to sell more complex, higher value solutions but lack the in-house expertise? Partner with NEXTGEN to access untapped revenue by connecting complex enterprise software and infrastructure opportunities for your clients.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. NEXTGEN supports you comprehensively as you deliver the best solution to your clients. This ranges from understanding the opportunity and building the quote, to consulting on business and technical requirements along with product advice. We also manage deal registration and secure best pricing while navigating all vendor processes on your behalf.

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01 Nextgen + HPE

Closing the gap
on complex deals

Today, it’s not enough to sell a single solution. You need to solve the whole client problem – and that takes both technical expertise and business capabilities. Together, NEXTGEN and HPE can build these resources into your teams – so you can help your clients get more from their data.

Nextgen HPE Nextgen HPE Nextgen HPE

02 Mind the sales gap

Expand your sales
and streamline
every deal

Increasingly complex applications demand robust platforms, and we see untapped potential in connecting enterprise software with infrastructure. But do you have the in-house expertise and resources to make the most of these opportunities?

With so many different systems and moving parts, and long sales cycles filled with roadblocks, you’ll need strong architecture skills and the ability to translate technical requirements into business value – along with a hefty dose of perseverance.

That’s what NEXTGEN is known for. With a dedicated HPE team and decades of expertise working with their processes and people, we take care of every detail.

Together, we’ll get the deal done. And we’ll get it right first time.


03 How we work

We're do-ers, negotiators
and tenacious problem solvers

We help growing resellers succeed by making the most of the demand for enterprise data solutions.

From opportunity to quote and solution, we’ll navigate HPE’s processes across their entire portfolio, and bridge the language between decision maker, IT procurement and engineering teams.

And our in-house business services can also help you improve every sales touchpoint. Use Orbus to provide financing and payment solutions (and keep clients sticky), Optima to optimise licenses and infrastructure, or Bang to design digital go to market camp aigns.

We’ve built our own platform for the new world of tech distribution, and we’re ready to share it with you.

04 Why choose us

Why partner with NEXTGEN
for your next HPE deal?


Make every
deal easier

Our relationships and expertise can fast-track internal processes, secure competitive pricing and simplify the entire experience – for you and your client. Whether you need to plug a gap in a busy sales pipeline or simply lack the expertise in-house, we’re here to help.


Free time to grow
your business

Have confidence the deal will get done and the system will work. Let us accurately define complex requirements, and then qualify and deal register the right solution – so you can focus on managing the client relationship and finding new strategic opportunities.


Build your
competitive advantage

Think of us as your secret weapon in a fast-moving infrastructure world. Solve the whole client problem accurately and seamlessly with the infrastructure platform of choice in HPE, and you’ll have a client for life. Our goal is to add value – not volume.

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05 Resources

build a better
storage practice

Download our eBook to find out how to take advantage of flash storage and predictive analytics opportunities with NEXTGEN & HPE Nimble Storage.


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They’re the kind of distributors that we want, that are strong when it comes to products and are agile and don’t mess around. The likes of the HPE team within NEXTGEN, they know their stuff. There has been times we’ve actually utilised NEXTGEN knowledge on calls, and they’ve gone in and helped us almost like a pre-sales Solista employee. That kind of service is invaluable. James Thompson Business Development Manager, Solista

07 Case Study

Beyond the deal:
Creating true value in all levels of the partnership

Solista is a Sydney-based IT reseller with a focus on bringing new and emerging technologies to the Australian market. Providing professional services and technical advice, Solista’s aim is to free business IT teams from binding service contracts, complicated environments, restrictive infrastructure and expensive capital outlays. Their technology focus is storage, backup and disaster recovery, copy data management, cyber security and cloud with key customers in the financial services, health, and real estate sectors to name a few.

The problem

Solista’s customer was going through a phase of healthy growth that was forecasted to continue progressively in the next 3-5 years. It was identified that capacity and performance issues were being compromised by their current setup and they required a more robust, flexible and cost effective solution to meet their storage needs. Solista’s assistance was required to find the right solution quickly, so the client could continue to operate at an optimum level day-to-day.

“Looking at the next 3-5 years as they grew, the current setup was going to continue to create problems for operations and we wanted to look at the likes of HPE to help build a solution,” says James Thompson, Business Development Manager at Solista.

The solution

As one of Australia’s most innovative and experienced HPE partners, Solista applied its unique methodology to cut through the complexity of identifying the best solution for its customer both for the business now and for the next five years. By analysing their customer’s existing storage usage and upcoming needs, Solista was able to help the client understand how to rebalance their workloads to be more effective. By optimising the solution workload, performance and management, Solista provided speed and value in identifying the best hybrid solution for their customer.

Solista recommended HPE’s Nimble product as the best fit for their customer’s expanding workloads and cost optimisation targets. Nimble is an all flash array of products offering increased capacity and a cloud feel while lowering costs. Solista implemented Nimble for storage and Cisco UCS for compute.

“It’s essentially what they used to call a “smart stack” that would essentially lower the total cost of ownership or TCO over 3-5 years. So a CAPEX cost of X amount over 5 years actually looked to be half the price than the cloud would be,” Thompson says.

“We look to develop hybrid solutions with Nimble to give that cloud feel and then give the client the ability to manage it themselves as well,” he added.

The result

The result following implementation in July 2017 was that Solista met the business goals. There was a reduction in cost for the customer, increased performance, plus a better impression and duplication rate. The correct solution has made a major impact on their business, which is highly reliant on fast and reliable data storage and retrieval.

“The team noticed a change as soon as an internet connection was issued within the data centre. One thing that Nimble also has is Infosight, which gives them full real time visibility of their environment. 
You can log on to one single dashboard and see your storage arrangement running, if it’s going to go over capacity,” Thompson says.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project, which relieved pressure on their technology budget and gave them the confidence that they could continue to grow without cost or capacity issues.


Combining HPE’s products with the NEXTGEN team’s technical ability instilled confidence in Solista that they could deliver the right solution on time and on budget, which would in turn provide better outcomes for Solista.

“We introduced the HPE product Nimble, because of the case of Nimble being an all flash array to give them increased capacity and a cloud feel which is what they were used to. HPE also have amazing support 24/7, so if they see something going on in your environment that you’re not aware of, they will call you and assist you with that issue,” Thompson said.

Solista’s relationship with NEXTGEN has always been strong, due to the team’s agility, quick response times and competitive pricing. It helps them service their clients better and achieve their mission of always delivering the latest technologies to their customers so they can add value to their business.

“They’re agile, quick, the assistance of the full solution is just second to none. Having those easy discussions with them is a lot better than some other distributors where it takes 2-3 weeks to get back to us on something rather than 2-3 minutes,” Thompson said.

NEXTGEN is the preferred distributor for Solista because they’re a company that is always there to help, whether it be competitive pricing to help match up with a client’s budget, responding within agreed timeframes and removing the pain of quoting directly with large IT companies.

“They’re the kind of distributors that we want, that are strong when it comes to products and are agile and don’t mess around. The likes of the HPE team within NEXTGEN, they know their stuff. They just get it and they are there to be that pre-sale and technical advice. There has been times we’ve actually utilised NEXTGEN knowledge on calls, and they’ve gone in and helped us almost like a pre-sales Solista employee. That kind of service is invaluable.”